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Krazed Builds SCX Shock Piston Tuner Sets
Machined Delrin Pistons to help you tune your shocks.

Tired of playing with shock oils only? Wish you could better tune the pack to help with wheel hop or truck bounce? 
Well heres a tuner option for those wanting to dial in their suspension.

What is Shock Pack?Let me steal a little write up from RC Car Action site. 
Shock Pistons: Small Hole vs Large Hole - RC Car Action

  • Shock absorbers dampen the compression and rebound of the suspension by controlling the speed at which a suspension cycles. Without them your vehicle would continue to bounce up and down. By forcing a piston through oil, shocks develop the hydraulic friction necessary to oppose the unwanted bouncing in your suspension. Most of the shock oil is forced through tiny holes in the piston as it travels. Shock absorbers are velocity-sensitive, which means the faster a suspension cycles, the resistance increases exponentially. If you look at a graph comparing a small hole piston vs large hole piston, the small hole piston has a steeper curve. A common term used to describe this is the small hole piston has more ‘pack’ than a large hole piston.
  • Imagine two identical trucks sitting next to each other on a work bench. One has small hole pistons with a light shock oil, the other with large hole pistons with a heavy shock oil. The dampening of the two feel the same when pushed up and down by hand, but when dropped from a couple feet above the table, the one with the large holes bottoms out and slaps the table harder than the one with the small holes. The small hole piston has more ‘Pack’ and is more velocity-sensitive


In SCX shocks we are forced to rely on the oil going around the the piston and passing through some cut outs. 
Same concept as different size holes.

So what if we were able to change those shapes? 
This would alter the mass of the piston flowing through the oil in effect changing shock pack as well.

Our Tuner Set will give you 4 different pistons color coded for easy identification. 
You can run two different pistons front and rear, find the oil that suits you and get a better control over your suspension.

Machined to fit:
Stock Axial SCX plastic shock bodies
RC Bros Eegresssor shock bodies
Axial SCX Icon shock bodies

(4 pistons per set of each color)

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