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    un-Stuck 3G Chassis Kit
  • un-Stuck 3G Chassis Kit
  • un-Stuck 3G Chassis Kit

un-Stuck 3G Chassis Kit

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The newest in the un-Stuck line of 2.2S Sporty Class Chassis!

We took to the notes of our very first portal truck in 2018, the success of the Gen2 and the lessons from our Pneuma. We combined all that into our newest chassis.

We sent out some last year and even with Covid causing problems with comps our testers were still able to get us feedback. Their success told us it was time to release. 

You will get:

2.5mm Carbon Fiber Sides and Rear Shock Arms

3* 65mm Aluminum cross braces

1* 60mm Aluminum cross brace for between rear shock arms

The skid is 3D printed and available through our Shapeways Store HERE

There are 2 versions available. You can choose the Blank skid that will require you to drill your own holes for the transmission you are using.

There is also a version for those using the Hulkster Trans. The Hulkster version will come with a spacer that allows you adjust the motor away from the upper link screw and lower links. The smaller can motors like the Broods or Holmes Pullers may not need this adjusting. Full cans do benefit from using it from what our own test truck needed.

We have include in this sale page pictures of the chassis assembled. The colors are used for reference. 

Two of the 65mm cross braces (red in color) need to be installed at the locations shown. The rear shock arm ones rotate freely on the brace to allow for easier arm changes. The front brace, also red and 65mm, is installed between your front shocks for added support. 

The 60mm, yellow in color, is used between the rear shock arms and for added shock support. 

The Hulkster spacer, if used, will attach first to the transmission, it only gos one way determined by the countersunk holes. Next you will need to supply your own 2* 3x12mm screws and nuts.

First screw gos up through the left side hole and spacer with slot will slide over it, install nut snug. 

Second screw will go up through right side hole and into the arched slot on spacer, again snug up nut. 

Align transmission where you like it and secure both nuts down. 

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