• MXLR O-Ring Grease

MXLR O-Ring Grease

  • Price: $8.50

MAX-01-003 - O-Ring Grease

Developed and made in Germany.

Consists of well chosen high quality ingredients in a special mixture to protect the O-Rings / seals against swelling or shrinking. Additionally, our grease further reduces the friction and adds extra smoothness for the perfect operation of dampers and gear diffs.

Especially silicone O-Rings, like they are used in most shocks, are highly prone for swelling when they get in contact with silicone oil and need to be replaced regularly. By using the MXLR O-Ring Grease you will extend the lifetime drastically and further increase the performance of your vehicle, as the damping will stay more consistent for a longer time frame!

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