KBclipse410 Chassis Kit

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After months of testing various alterations to the stock chassis we are pleased with our final design. 

Stock Chassis length maintained.

New front bumper mounted separately to the chassis. Less prone to tweaks after front collisions. Will need Schumacher U7689 to mount.

Front body mounts left in stock location. 

Stock side braces, links and rear pieces fit directly on.

Holes opened up around rear pivot assembly. Allows you to simply remove the screws when making roll center changes. 

Rear pivot assembly moved back to generate more natural steering 

Carbon Fiber Chassis kit includes-

2.5mm Quality Carbon Fiber Chassis

New Carbon Fiber Rear lower

Carbon Fiber Front bumper

Needed -

Schumacher U7689 Brass inserts to secure bumper to chassis (can use Schumacher Allow ones)

2 extra 3*6mm screws for bumper mounting. 

Extra shims for adjusting caster. Adding a 2mm shim to the B-location on the front will replace stock bumper spacing. 

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