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Krazed Builds Owns them all for product made by them.

All other manufacturer product is covered under their own ownership. 


Need More Explaining?

Its pretty simple, Krazed Builds takes no responsibility for personal damage (physical or emotional) occurred while reading, posting, shopping or browsing our website.

  • All Krazed Builds parts are made in house for personal enjoyment. At no time does Krazed Builds claim you will win by using our parts, although they may help. Come on seriously nothing can replace practice, hard work, more practice and working on your vehicles. Yes, even those RTR’s will break and need you to fix them.  

  • Carbon fibers parts, while they look snazzy and are light weight, are hazardous in dust form. Please people take caution when sanding, filing, cutting or breaking it. Proper ventilation and one of those nifty respirator masks is always recommended.

    All opinions posted on this site are owned by Krazed Builds. Should you disagree with them please feel free to post your comment. We like to see involvement and who knows maybe you could change our minds. Plus it’s nice to hear other ideas and thoughts on topics.

    Any personal injuries occurred while installing, using or looking at Krazed Builds parts or our website is solely on the end user. If a bandaid is required we will be more then happy to ship one out. Other then that its pretty simple to install any part should you have, and use, the proper tools. No, a hammer is not a universal nut driver!

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